Pitti Palace guided tour

The Palatine Gallery and the Boboli Gardens

In 1550, Eleanor of Toledo, wife of Cosimo I, bought the palace built by Luca Pitti 100 years earlier. At that time, the property also included a portion of land behind the palace where, at first, the duchess organized a fruit and vegetable garden. Very quickly, the Pitti Palace and the gardens were transformed into the Medici’s “royal palace” and became the symbol of the Grand Duke’s power. The palace was enlarged and the Boboli was transformed into the Duke’s representative garden thanks to a project by Niccolò Pericoli, called il Tribolo.
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From that moment, the Pitti Palace served as the Medici’s representative and prestigious residence where the ruling family hosted various sovereigns and ambassadors. The Medici gathered in the palace rich collections of classical and modern art, which confirmed the prestige and importance of the family.

Today we can admire these collections while visiting the Palatine Gallery, which hosts masterpieces by RaphaelAndrea del SartoBronzinoTitianCaravaggio and others.  At the same time, the Pitti Palace tells many stories about the Medici family and about their everyday life. We will learn about the innovations in painting, architecture, engineering, and gastronomy of the sixteenth and the seventeenth centuries.

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Duration: ca. 3 h. The tour runs from Tuesday to Sunday.

Visited sights:

  • The Palatine Gallery
  • The Boboli Gardens

Price for tour:

1-14 participants: 225,00 €

The price does not include the costs of the tickets to the monuments.
The price includes sales tax and all other compulsory duties.


This tour is wheelchair friendly, however, the paths in the Boboli Gardens are covered with gravel, which can render the movement more difficult. For a wheelchair tour of the garden we choose the paths without stairs and steps.

Pitti Palace guided tour

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Price for tour:
1-14 participants: 225  €

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