Siena: art, religion and politics in the Middle Ages

Private tour in Siena

Siena is a gothic jewel of Tuscany.  Discover the beauty of Siena on a private tour!

During the Middle Ages Siena was the biggest competitor of Florence and the second biggest city of Tuscany. The town grew along a busy pilgrims’ route, the so-called Via Francigena, which every year brought to Siena thousands of pilgrims and merchants. The rapid growth of the Sienese economy allowed the city to develop. Unfortunately, in 1348 the Bubonic plague struck in Siena. This dramatic event caused a drastic decrease of population followed by an economic crisis and signed the beginning of a slow decline of the city. Already in 1555 the Sienese Republic was conquered by the Medicean army and the state was incorporated into the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

During our private tour in Siena we will discover the fascinating history of the town and we will learn about the local traditions surviving since the Middle Ages, like the famous Palio horse race and the division of the historical centre into the different neighbourhoods called “contrada”. We will walk through the narrow streets of the city breathing in the medieval atmosphere of Siena. We will also try some local specialities, like the famous cake Panforte and the almond cookies called Ricciarelli.

You can choose between a half-day tour with the visit to the Sienese cathedral or a full-day tour during which we discover also the Cathedral Museum, the city hall and we climb the Mangia tower.

Half-day tour in Siena

Duration: 3 hours

Visited sights:

  • San Domenico church
  • Oratory of St. Catherine of Siena
  • Sienese Cathedral
  • Il Campo

A full-day itinerary is also available on request!

Price for tour:

1-14 participants: 245,00 €
15-25 participants: 295,00 €

The price does not include the costs of the tickets to the monuments. The price includes sales tax and all other compulsory duties.


The Sienese Cathedral, St. Catherine’s Oratory and the Palazzo Pubblico are accessible for the visitors with a wheelchair. Torre del Mangia and the Cathedral Museum are not accessible for the visitors with reduced mobility.

Booking request

Price the tour:

1-14 participants: 245,00 €
15-25 participants: 295,00 €

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