Agata Chrzanowska, art historian and professional tour guide

My name is Agata Chrzanowska and I am an art historian and professional tour guide specialized in the study of the fifteenth-century Florentine art and culture. I moved to Florence in 2010 with the plan of continuing my studies here. As in life there is very little space for a true planning, I soon enrolled on a PhD at Durham University in the UK.

I have received my PhD in 2016 and I still continue my research, but apart from my academic job my aim is to share the knowledge about art, Florence and Italy with a wider public. This is why I became professional tour guide. The monuments are silent if we do not engage in a dialogue with them, and Florence, one of the most crowded tourist destinations, risks becoming another Disneyland rather than the cradle of European art and culture. Florence needs to be unveiled and explained and its monuments have to be appreciated and comprehended.

I have much experience in the field of cultural heritage and in the art education sector. I love to work with youths and children as well as with adults. Join me for one of my tours and allow me to show you how fascinating the history of this place is. We will talk about art, literature, architecture, engineering, politics, power and religion. We will discover many fascinating personal stories and we will discuss great cultural changes originated in Florence and Tuscany.

Let me show you around! Discover my tours!