Medici, the Dukes of Tuscany

private guided tour in Florence

The Medici family shaped the Florentine politics for long centuries. During the 16th century the Medici profoundly changed the organization of the Florentine state by the creation of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.  Cosimo I de’ Medici extended his power over the states of Siena and Pisa, united almost whole the region and started to promote the image of his family as one of the most noble European dynasties. Discover the history of the Medici family during a private guided tour in Florence.

This private guided tour tells a fascinating story of Medici’s rise to power. Together we will explore the rooms of Palazzo Vecchio where we will admire the decorations commissioned by Cosimo I, frescoes and paintings used as propaganda tool promoting the image of the Duke and of his family.

Later, we will cross the Arno river to discover Medici’s private residency, the Pitti Palace, bought by Cosimo I’s wife, Eleanor of Toledo.   
During our private guided tour we will talk about artpowerpropaganda. We will meet the members of the Medici family and discuss their fascinating lives: Cosimo I, the warrior, his son Francesco I, the scientist, Cosimo’s wife, Eleanor.

Discover the history of the Medici, the Dukes of Tuscany, during your guided tour in Florence!

Duration: 4 hours

Visited sights:

  • Piazza della Signoria
  • Palazzo Vecchio
  • Palatina Gallery
  • Boboli Gardens

Price for tour:
1-14 participants: 300 €
The price does not include the costs of the museum tickets. The price includes sales tax and all other compulsory duties.

This tour is wheelchair friendly, however, the paths in the Boboli Gardens are covered with gravel, which can render the movement more difficult. For a wheelchair tour of the garden we choose the paths without stairs and steps.

Booking request:

Price for tour:
1-14 participants: 300 €

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