The dreadful November

the flood of Florence, 4. 11. 1966     Autumn in Tuscany is one of my favourite seasons. It’s still warm outside so one can enjoy walks and hikes in the countryside and admire colourful landscapes with yellow, red and orange trees, bushes and vineyards. At the same time, November tends to be particularly rainy. […]

Myths, Saints, Pagan Gods and Holy Stories – “The Cinquecento in Florence” Exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi

From 21 September 2017 to 21 January 2018 Palazzo Strozzi hosts the exhibition “The Cinquecento in Florence. From Michelangelo and Pontormo to Giambologna”curated by Carlo Falciani and Antonio Natali. We were all rather impatient to see the show and I have to say that my own expectations towards this exhibition were really high. Nothing strange in it, if […]

Florence and its Markets

I am sure that many of you admire the abundance of Italian markets. What a pleasure seeing fresh fruits and vegetables, hundred types of cheeses, various cured meats and hams, infinite types of fresh meat and fish, shrimps, mussels, olive oil, wine, spices and dried fruits displayed on the stalls to attract the clients. The […]

A Day between the Ruins

A Half Day Trip to Ancient Fiesole   The city of Florence originated from a Roman colony established probably around 59 BC as a settlement for the Roman veteran soldiers. However, the surrounding area had been populated much earlier, not by the Romans but by the Etruscans, a population that colonized Central Italy from the tenth century […]

Let’s Have Some Ice-cream!

The best gelaterie in Florence.   When you talk to people born and raised in Florence, sometimes you have the impression that the Florentines have invented literally everything: soccer, opera, linear perspective, crepes, onion soup or even talcum powder. There is always a grain of truth in the stories of these inventions and their link with […]

Florence and the Opera

The new season at the Opera di Firenze / Maggio Musicale Fiorentino     It was October 6th 1600, Florence was celebrating Maria de’ Medici’s marriage with the king of France, Henry IV. During a private feast Iacopo Corsi offered Maria a spectacle. It was Eurydice with text by Ottavio Rinuccini and music by Iacopo Peri and […]