Pisa and the Field of Miracles

private guided tour in Pisa

Discover Pisa on a private guided tour.

Pisa, the proud maritime republic has been for long centuries the biggest enemy and competitor of Florence. During the Middle Ages the position of Pisa at the cost of the Mediterranean sea and at the mouth of the Arno river, guaranteed a rapid growth of the city. Thanks to its maritime and fluvial port, Pisa became crucial for the development of trade in Tuscany.

Pisa controlled all the traffic of goods sold and bought by the Florentine merchants and it laid at the basis of a continuous conflict between the two cities. For long centuries Florence tried to conquer Pisa in order to acquire the access to the sea and the control over the port. In fact, the Florentine domination  over Pisa becomes always stronger from the fifteenth century onwards.

During our private tour in Pisa we will discover the most important historical sights, the Cathedral,  the Baptistery and the Monumental Cemetery, built during the Middle Ages to represent power and wealth of the Republic. We will hear fascinating stories about pirates, artists, saints and scientists. We will admire Nicola Pisano’s pulpit in the Baptistery and his son, Giovanni Pisano’s pulpit in the Cathedral. We will talk about the medieval battles, religion and about the birth of the modern science through the activity of Galileo Galilei.

Duration: 3 hours

Visited sights:

  • Cathedral of Pisa
  • Baptistery
  • Monumental Cemetery

If you want, we can add to our tour the climbing to the top of the leaning tower (296 steps with no lift).

Price for the tour:

1-14 participants: 245 euro
15-25 participants: 295 euro

The price does not include the costs of the tickets to the monuments. The price includes sales tax and all other compulsory duties.


All the monuments, besides the Leaning Tower, are accessible for the visitors with reduced mobility. Visitors with walking difficulties, suffering from dizziness, cardiac problems and claustrophobia are strongly discouraged from climbing the leaning tower.

Booking request

Price for the tour:

1-14 participants: 245 euro
15-25 participants: 295 euro

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