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Is pasta Italian?

Veronese, Wedding in Cana, detail.
Italy, food and history History is not a list of dates, names, wars, winners and losers. History talks also about people who lived on our planet, about their ideas, thoughts, feelings, emotion and their life style. This is why also…

Between Florence and Milan

Leonardo da Vinci, Last Supper
how the relationship between Florence and Milan influenced art history Italy united as a country only in 1861. Before that, during the Middle Ages and the Modern period, Italian peninsula was split between different states, which often fought against each…

Casa dell’Orafo in Florence

Casa dell'Orafo, Florence
Where goldsmiths are at home There is a place in Florence where the little rooms of an old convent turned into microscopic studios of zealous goldsmiths. This place is called Casa dell’Orafo, the Goldsmith’s house! Let us visit it together!…