art and artisans on the other side of the river

Oltrarno – district of artists and artisans, by many considered the only, truly Florentine and authentic neighbourhood in the town. This tour leads you to the heart of Florence where still today you find many little shops run by local producers who offer there their hand made products.

Already during the Middle Ages the workers involved in the textile production established their workshops on the other side of the river, along the Arno. With passing of time, the area developed into a busy district where the local craftsmen, from goldsmiths, to carpenters, from shoemakers to painters, produced every kind of good. At the same time, religious orders and wealthy families living in the area decorated their churches and private palaces and chapels with splendid works of art commissioned from the best artists.  In Oltrarno the great art from the past meets the creativity of contemporary artists and craftsmen. Let us guide you through the narrow streets of Oltrarno to the real heart of the Florentine creative spirit!

During our tour we discover the masterpieces of Renaissance art, such as Pontorno’s Deposition, Michelangelo’s wooden Crucifix and the Brancacci Chapel frescoed by Masaccio, Masolino and Filippino Lippi. At the same time, we pop in few shops held by local artisans to hear their fascinating stories and admire their local production. You will meet young goldsmiths, who experiment with many different techniques to produce their unique, artistic jewellery. You will admire hand made cloths, created with passion by Florentine fashion designers. We will also stop for the ice-cream and enjoy Oltrarno in slow motion.

Duration: 4 hours. The tour runs on Mondays and from Wednesday to Saturday. A 3 hours itinerary is also available.

Visited sights:

  • Santa Felicita church
  • Santo Spirito Basilica
  • Brancacci Chapel

Price for a 4 hours tour:
1-14 participants: 240 €
15-25 participants: 270 €

Price for a 3 hours tour:
1-14 participants: 180 €
15-25 participants: 200 €

The price does not include the costs of the museum tickets.
The price includes sales tax and all other compulsory duties.

This tour is wheelchair friendly.

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